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Bag Sealers

- Impulse

- Constant Heat

- Rotary Band

L-Bar Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Side Sealers

Shrink Tunnels

- Radiant heat

- Steam

- Over-conveyor


Container Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Gas Flushing


Other Sealers

- Vacuum

- Induction

- Ultra Sonic



- Horizontal

- Vertical

Shrink Labels

- Applicators

- Labels & Sleeves






Shrink Labels &  Applicators
Shrink labels not only provide high quality graphics presentation but can also be used as part of a tamper evident packaging system.  Labels can be supplied in a range of materials including PVC, PET, OPS and the newly  developed PLA which is environmentally friendly being made from corn starch.  ERC can also provide you with an extensive range of label applicators and tunnel systems from the basic 50 piece per minute units up to the high speed 200 piece per minute models.  We can assist with label design and artwork.  Label applicators can be provided with compatible conveyor systems, shrink tunnels, label positioning device and label perforation device
Shrink labels and sleeves are available as Full Body, Part Body and Cap Seal.  For small applications we also have available a range of clear sleeving which can be cut to side ( unprinted only  which is ideal for promotion packs. This is available from 30mm-150mm in 5mm width increments and from 160mm-250mm in 10mm width increments.