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Bag Sealers

- Impulse

- Constant Heat

- Rotary Band

L-Bar Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Side Sealers

Shrink Tunnels

- Radiant heat

- Steam

- Over-conveyor


Container Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Gas Flushing


Other Sealers

- Vacuum

- Induction

- Ultra Sonic



- Horizontal

- Vertical

Shrink Labels

- Applicators

- Labels & Sleeves






Shrink Tunnels
Conventional : Steam : Over-conveyor
The ERC range of hot air tunnels have been designed for use with the many  types of ERC shrink pack systems and shrink label systems.  These tunnels are available with a number of different conveyor types such as live roller or mesh conveyors as well as the over conveyor models used for shrink labelling.  Steam tunnels are also available for suitable applications such as bottle labelling or metal container labelling.  These tunnels are available in a range of sizes and can also  be made to order.