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Clear PVC Shrink Sleeving
“ECOFILM” The Phthalate-free films of PVC

We have a range of PVC clear shrink sleeving ranging in size from 35mm - 150mm in 5mm increments and 160mm - 250mm in 10mm increments.. Thickness ranges from 50 micron for up to the 150mm size and this will gradually replace the 70 micron currently in the larger sizes.  The PVC that is used is the phthalate free which is an ecological quality film.


This sleeving is ideal for short run tamper evident packing or special offer packaging such as buy one get one free etc.


We provide a cutting service with a very small minimum quantity of one 500 metre roll cut to the required length.  For example to supply 100mm long cut pieces the MOQ would only be 5000 pieces.  A continuous vertical perforation can be provided and horizontal perforation is available up to the 190mm layflat size.  Horizontal and vertical can be combined if required. Perforation is provided at no extra charge.


Standard lead time for orders is 5 days however we will always do our best to reduce this to a minimum.


Please contact our sales department for a quotation.