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Bag Sealers

- Impulse

- Constant Heat

- Rotary Band

L-Bar Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Side Sealers

Shrink Tunnels

- Radiant heat

- Steam

- Over-conveyor


Container Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Gas Flushing


Other Sealers

- Vacuum

- Induction

- Ultra Sonic



- Horizontal

- Vertical

Shrink Labels

- Applicators

- Labels & Sleeves






Fully Automatic L Bar Sealers
Fully  automatic L Bar sealers are used when faster production speeds are required.  Product is placed onto the infeed conveyor either manually or from a feeding conveyor eliminating the need for an operator to be at the machine. The pack is automatically transferred between the layers of the centrefold film, conveyored into the seal area where the sealing cycle is activated automatically. After sealing the pack is then transferred by the machine into the shrink tunnel.  Various models are available as standard seal bar lengths of :-
550mm x 450mm
650mm x 550mm
750mm x 650mm
950mm x 850mm

Ideal for use with the ERC range of high quality centrefold polyolefin shrink film.  Some PE models also available.  A range of hot air tunnels is available to provide the best possible presentation finish.
For even faster production speeds we would recommend the next generation of film sealers known as