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Bag Sealers

- Impulse

- Constant Heat

- Rotary Band

L-Bar Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Side Sealers

Shrink Tunnels

- Radiant heat

- Steam

- Over-conveyor


Container Sealers

- Manual

- Semi Automatic

- Full Automatic

- Gas Flushing


Other Sealers

- Vacuum

- Induction

- Ultra Sonic



- Horizontal

- Vertical

Shrink Labels

- Applicators

- Labels & Sleeves






Our range of impulse sealers includes the popular bench top units ranging in size from 200mm up to 500mm in the standard “stapler” style either with or without a sliding cutter function but can also be provided in 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm models for those larger applications.  Special bench or wall mounted shop sealers are also available

Impulse sealers are also available in both free standing foot-operated units of 300mm,450mm,600mm & 800mm seal widths as well as semi-automatic bench top with foot switch or timed automatic closure activation. Other models include twin element systems, Extra wide (5mm) seal widths and units that also include variable temperature as well as the standard variable seal time. Also included is a simple wall mountable unit for shops that allows the operator to seal the bag simply by pressing against a plate whilst holding the bag in two hands.  Ideal for those difficult free flowing products such as nuts, grains, powders etc

They  are suitable for films and bags manufactured from Polyethylene ( PE ), PVA, Polyurethane, Polyvinylchloride ( PVC ), Polypropylene, Mylar, Foil Laminate and many other heatsealable or lined materials.
Impulse Bag Sealers